My Dirt Adventures Part 1 — DT025

Since I’m a terrible planner, I forgot to schedule someone interesting for this week’s episode. Instead, and to your likely disappointment, I opened up the microphone and talked about how I started in construction. I talk about the early years before construction entered my life, how I learned to work…

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Transforming the Family Business with Taylor White of Ken White Construction — DT024

*If you don’t like swearing, then this ain’t the episode for you!* In this week’s episode, I sit down with Taylor White, who runs the day to day at Ken White Construction in Ottowa, Canada. I first saw Taylor’s videos and photos on Instagram and Youtube. I was immediately curious…

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From Dirt to Data with Isaac Barlow of busybusy — DT023

Initially beginning his career as a site development contractor, Isaac Barlow started to see issues with how his business and other construction businesses tracked time and costs associated with each project. With little to no data, no one could accurately manage and estimate work. Once he realized he could potentially…

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Dropping Out of College to Buy a Backhoe with Ford Berg of Berg Construction — DT022

“Listen, we don’t expect you to know all this stuff. Ask — there are people with much more experience here who are here to support you. But the minute you say, ‘I got this, and I know this,’ you own that. And if you can’t do that, then that’s a…

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