BuildWitt BTS 002 — What is BuildWitt? — DT021

Dan and I break down BuildWitt and explain what our business does, why our mission is so important, and how we make decisions in this episode. Since we get so many questions as to what BuildWitt is, we thought we’d take a bit of time and break it all down…

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Talking Demolition with James Milburn of MILBURN Demolition — DT020

MILBURN Demolition began in early 2014 as a one-person show — a guy who thought demolition didn’t have to be unsafe, dirty, or old-school. James Milburn stumbled into demolition while going to school at Purdue for Construction Management. After attending demolition conferences, he fell in love with the world of…

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Jobsite Photoshoot Giveaway!

To promote and celebrate the launch of, I’m offering a free 1-day photoshoot for any US heavy construction, mining, demolition, or heavy equipment business. I’ll visit your operations wherever they are, capture your people and iron doing what they do best, and you’ll be free to use the photos…

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COVID in Construction — What I learned from 30 executives this week.

After spending my entire week on the phone with heavy construction, mining, demolition, and heavy equipment business owners and leaders from over half the US states, I’ve gathered quite a bit of current information on how COVID-19 is affecting our industry. Some of my conversations were remarkably inspirational, while others…

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