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Graniterock has provided the foundation of Northern California for well over a century. There are few parts of Northern California that remain untouched by Graniterock. Despite their deep-rooted history, they’re as humble as can be. Not even the president of the company has his own office!

One of the few vertically integrated contractors in America, they mine and crush aggregate, produce concrete and asphalt, and truck products to projects — they also grade earth, pour concrete, and compact asphalt with Graniterock people and equipment. The ecosystem they’ve designed to build the world is spectacular, to say the least. It’s a well-oiled machine running around the clock, all year long.

The crown jewel of the Graniterock empire is the AR Wilson quarry in Aromas, CA, where a massive seam of fractured granite poured out of the famous San Andreas fault line long ago. For the past century — with another century to go — the operation has consistently produced some of the highest quality aggregate in the country. Granite is blasted at the bottom of the pit, shoveled into an enormous mobile crusher by a fleet of 992K loaders, transported along a mile-long conveyor to secondary crushing, separated into a wide array of products, and finally loaded into on-road trucks. It’s quite the sight.

Despite the massive quantities of aggregate produced or asphalt laid down, the most impressive aspect of Graniterock is the people, and their decades spent with the company. While turnover plagues the entire construction industry, most of the Graniterock workforce has, on average, spent decades with the company. They love Graniterock, which says everything you need to know about their work and legacy, both in California and beyond.