LB3 Enterprises

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Big dirt. With such aggressive expansion in Southern California, developers rely on a select few contractors to move millions of yards of earth as efficiently as possible. LB3 is among the best in the business when it comes to mass excavation, and has the portfolio and fleet to prove it.

With over 60 years of earthmoving experience, LB3 began in Arizona but quickly moved into the booming California market to pursue mass excavation projects. Thanks to earning relationships with the biggest developers, materials companies, and municipalities, they’ve completed a long list of jobs ranging from landfill expansions to housing developments with thousands of pads.

LB3 thinks differently and employs inexperienced operators and laborers, putting them alongside their experienced team members. By giving the younger generation a shot, they’re grooming future operators and managers to lead the company well into the future. It sounds like an obvious thing to do, but it’s a rarity in California due to strong unions, as well as the archaic management beliefs held by most other companies.

Beyond their people, LB3 boasts an impressive and modern fleet of iron. While machines without windows or air conditioning are still common in California, LB3 continuously invests in the latest and greatest to give their team the best tools possible. They believe and show that better equipment makes for more efficient operations and, more importantly, happy and prideful operators. Among their fleet are some of the last 657G scrapers to roll off the line, and a Hitachi 1200 excavator.