Quinn Cat

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Nearly 100 years of history and still leading the pack today.

Quinn Cat is the proud Cat dealer selling and servicing Cat machines and beyond, from Los Angeles to Fresno. With 20 locations and hundreds of technicians and field service trucks, they’re the market leader for a reason.

Yes, they sell Cat and are a Cat dealer. You’d think that would automatically make them a powerful company, but it by no means guarantees great culture and market strength. Quinn’s taken the Cat foundation and gathered up a fantastic group of people to take the company way further than most local Cat dealers. They’re not resting on their laurels either ― they recently acquired another Cat dealer in California and are continuously investing in their people, especially their technicians.

Take their appetite for sharing as an example for setting new standards. They’ve opened up all their shops to the public eye, and consistently show what their technicians do every day to make sure customer machines are up and running throughout California. Through showing people what the life of a technician actually looks like, they’re hoping to attract new techs ― who may have no heavy equipment experience ― to their dealers.

It’s exciting to be around such a bright company with such a profound impact on society. They’ve delivered value for their customers for a century, and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down anytime soon!