RAWSO Constructors

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A new generation of construction companies is emerging, and RAWSO is among the exclusive group leading the charge.

Started in 2012 with just a skid steer and a pickup truck, they’ve quickly grown to full site-development work ― capable of everything from mass excavation to paving. Their growth is fantastic, and they’re on track to eventually become THE heavy construction company in Tennessee, by staying true to their innovative beliefs when it comes to people and management.

So, how are they different? For one, they truly care about their people. That might seem simple, but for a majority of the industry, it’s not the case. For too long, the construction industry has accepted a dismal culture as the norm. People yell and scream at one another when mistakes happen. Companies treat their people as disposable numbers. Unfortunately for the establishment, that’s no longer a feasible model with an ever-shrinking labor pool.

Beyond simply giving their people respect before asking for it in return, they give them every tool possible for success. RAWSO’s fleet is the latest Caterpillar has to offer, all serviced meticulously by their local dealer. Everyone has clean-looking company uniforms. All their foremen have new company trucks. And finally, technology is the norm ― from documenting project progress throughout the day on iPads, to GPS units on every finishing machine in the fleet.

It’s exciting to see great companies like RAWSO growing quickly, and ruffling the right feathers in the process. We need their new way of doing business now more than ever.