Turner Mining Group

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Mining, an industry dominated by long-standing and aging titans, has largely avoided disruption by keeping quiet and honing their tried and true methods. That is, until now. The mining establishment is in the crosshairs of a new upstart out of Indiana, Turner Mining Group. The new company and its founder, Keaton Turner, aims to move the earth differently than the current market-dominating players — not through genius technology, but through a new approach to hiring, breaking through the stale culture of the industry, enlisting a new fleet of equipment, and offering all mine services under one roof stretching nationwide.

Started in early 2017, Turner Mining Group is a mine services company already operating from Virginia to California, with many states in between. They perform any kind of mining work from drilling and overburden removal to crushing and reclamation. After noticing the existing companies serving the aggregate and cement industries were fragmented and localized, Keaton Turner sought to create the nation’s first 100% mine services-only contractor, capable of providing a top-notch service anywhere in the country. The newly founded business is growing extremely quickly, and already has a backlog of 20 million tons of material to be mined over the next 12 months. “Our aim is to be a nationwide service provider that is trusted, dependable, and always priced competitively. We no doubt have to battle the stigma of a nationwide provider that can’t offer a competitive service compared to the smaller local guys,” Turner says.