Dirt Talk

Love dirt? Dirt Talk is a podcast dedicated to showing you the inner workings of the Dirt World. I talk with different people from the Dirt World weekly to understand their struggles and why they call this industry home.


Episode 19

Caterpillar Wrenching

He started by sweeping floors, then helped in the tool room, and today he does anything from minor repairs to full rebuilds on all sorts of sweet equipment. Nothing is below him.

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Episode 18

Alan Guy

At the bottom of the recession, Alan Guy, along with two other partners, started a construction company called Anvil Builders. The three of them began to bidding work in a cramped hotel room in downtown San Francisco.

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Episode 17

Tom Squeri

Tom and I talk all about training, recruiting, building culture, maintaining humility, and hopefully, everyone who listens can learn as much as I did.

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Episode 16

Jason Miller

Jason started with Midwest Mole in his teens since his dad was a foreman there at the time. After giving college a shot for a semester, he decided it wasn't for him, so he dove headfirst into tunneling as a career.

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Episode 15

Garrett Moss

Garrett Moss is the President of Moss Utilities, a utility contractor in the DFW area that he began three years ago in his early 30's.

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Episode 14

Dan Briscoe

BuildWitt VP Dan Briscoe and I talk about how we met, why he joined BuildWitt, and how it’s worked out so far.

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Episode 13

Herb Sargent Part 2

While I don't know what to do, Herb Sargent, President of Sargent Corp, might have a better idea.

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Episode 12

Mikel Bowman

"I think about, 'how do I punch yesterday's Mike Bowman in the gut and defeat him? How do I do better every day?"

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Episode 11

Keaton Turner

Keaton and I dive into the struggles of starting a business, how he's financing his growth, and the growing pains involved.

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Episode 10

Dozer Dave Turin

Dave and I talk about our frustrations with our generations and each other's, how Dave is training and hiring, and we get into Dave's new show, Dave Turin's Lost Mine.

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Episode 9

Herb Sargent

Herb R. Sargent, President and CEO of Maine-based Sargent Corp, has an incredibly unique story because he's third-generation construction while also being a first-generation business owner.

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Episode 8

Craig Kahoun

Craig and I dive into technician training, how much they do for their customers, and how they're digitally transforming their entire business.

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Episode 7

Missy Scherber Part 2

This episode follows my first interview with Missy Scherber, where we discussed what she does daily and what it's like to be a woman in construction.

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Episode 6

Missy Scherber Part 1

Missy is a passionate person who, when she sees a gap, she immediately fills it. When I say she dove into the dirt life, I mean it.

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Episode 5

Don Collier

Don and I talk about how he rose through the ranks thanks to sheer work, why the demolition industry needs to change, and how he's raised his kids while working long hours.

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Episode 4

Kimo Clark

I texted Kimo asking when he was available for a podcast, and there we were talking 30 minutes later after he finished his run.

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Episode 3

Heath Hanna

In this episode, I dig into (no pun intended) how Heath Hanna went from Caterpillar dealer instructor to mining company owner in only a few years.

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Episode 2

Dylan Stephens

We talk about how he started in construction, the reality of what starting a construction company takes, and what advice he has for people beginning their careers.

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