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Going Halfway Around the World with @the_english_earthmover — DT068


Written by: alexhorton

Some people say that they’d go to any lengths to achieve their goals, but not everyone would move halfway around the world like Michael Bullock aka @the_english_earthmover. Michael was born and raised in England, but has been working in the Dirt World in Australia for years now. He’s built up quite a following on his IG acct @the_english_earthmover where he has been posting photos of equipment and projects for years.

Michael was gracious enough to find time (with a 13 hour time difference!) to come on the podcast and share his story. He and Aaron talk differences between the US and Australia, the long and winding road it can take to find your calling, and why some folks do not want you taking photos of their project, no matter where it is.

Follow Michael on IG @the_english_earthmover to keep up with his Aussie dirt adventures.

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