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Jobsite Photoshoot Giveaway!


Written by: Aaron Witt

To promote and celebrate the launch of, I’m offering a free 1-day photoshoot for any US heavy construction, mining, demolition, or heavy equipment business.

I’ll visit your operations wherever they are, capture your people and iron doing what they do best, and you’ll be free to use the photos however you see fit. We’ll also promote your business on the BuildWitt social media channels.

How to enter?

All you have to do is visit, click on “post a job,” create a FREE company profile for your business and post one open and legitimate job. Not only do you have a chance to win, but you’ll have access to the only job platform available dedicated to the Dirt World. There’s no losing, and you’re not spending a dime.

You have until May 15th! We’ll announce our lucky winner via social media and email.

Are you not the one in charge? No worries — forward this to someone at your business who is so they can properly set their company profile up and start attracting people to work alongside you. Hopefully, we’ll cross paths if your company wins!

To be considered a legitimate entry, the company profile must be created by someone with the authority to do so, you must be directly engaged in either heavy construction, mining, demolition, or heavy equipment, and your job posted must be a legitimate and available job.

Again, enter by visiting! Questions? Feel free to give us a shout at

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