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Hiring’s new horizon

Mining, an industry dominated by longstanding and aging titans, has largely avoided disruption by keeping quiet and honing their tried-and-true methods. That is, until now.

Mining is now in the crosshairs of a new upstart out of Indiana: Turner Mining Group. The company and its founder, Keaton Turner, aim to move the earth differently than the current market-dominating players – not through genius technology, but through a new approach to hiring, breaking through the stale industry culture and offering all mine services under one roof stretching nationwide.

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Cat Hosts Autonomous Haul Truck Demo in Tinaja Hills, Ariz.

The future is here. In the most remote places on earth, trucks hauling an upwards of 400 tons — about the weight of 200 cars — roam from pit to crusher with no humans in sight. These trucks are part of Caterpillar's Cat Command for Hauling system, commonly referred to as autonomous trucking.

Cat recently hosted a demonstration and learning event on the latest autonomous and Minestar technology at the Tinaja Hills facility in Southern Arizona. The technology and products were explained to a group of mining professionals from around the world in the morning and then a live autonomous demonstration was held in the afternoon.

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Social Media: Inspire (Hire) the Next Generation

Workforce development — two words traveling around the heavy equipment industry like wildfire. Retirements are accelerating and the pool of motivated and qualified people from the next generation is small. Uncertainty is plentiful as executives and managers work to get a grip on the issue and mull over potential solutions. How can we, as an entire industry, attract talent that's seemingly disappeared? Why aren't young people interested in our work? Are there any promising solutions?

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Contractor Boosts Productivity With engcon Tiltrotator

Technology for heavy equipment continues to evolve how work is done on job sites across America. Advances like machine control and GPS have dramatically improved accuracy without physically changing equipment. But what about advances to the machine itself that don't break the bank? Imagine a wrist between the stick and bucket of an excavator that enables 360-degree rotation and 45 degrees of tilt in either direction.

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Sukut Makes the Grade in California

After the recent statewide droughts, preserving water bears a new meaning in California. The Santa Margarita Water District is ushering in a new era of water conservation for South Orange County by purchasing and improving the half-century old Trampas Canyon Dam.

The more than $100 million dollar project is ambitious — within two years, the dam will rise forty ft. taller and the existing reservoir will accommodate 1.6 billion gallons of recycled water. With millions of yd. of earth to move and tight tolerances to conform to, only an experienced contractor with a serious fleet could complete this job. The Santa Margarita Water District awarded the contract to Sukut Construction, a firm with a long history of dirt projects in California.

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Turn to Social Media to Inspire Construction Professionals

Social media is easy to peg as a productivity-killer and the token time-waster of millenials. And because of liability concerns, many contractors have shied away from using social media as the powerful business tool it can be.

Capitalizing on social media in construction can inspire the current workforce, address nationwide hiring shortages and define a company’s brand within a community and around the country. The best part is it requires very little time or money.

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