Growing into the nation’s leader in trenchless construction

Midwest Mole initially approached us about needing a new website. Their biggest initial concern? Covering their enormous area of operations. We told them not to worry and that we’d get it done no matter where they were working.

Cut to our first trip with them where we visited their projects in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Fishers, Chicago, Richmond, and Nashville all in four days. It was a long week, to say the least! Despite the crazy travel all over, we saw the world of trenchless construction like never before and fell in love with the Midwest Mole humility and work ethic.

Digging tunnels isn’t easy, and they know it takes a special breed to do it day in and day out. Today, our partnership with Midwest Mole extends well beyond web to help them modernize and streamline their recruiting system as well as their existing brand. We love our work with the Moles and can’t wait to see what the next few years look like for the both of us as we focus on training, culture, and deeper storytelling.

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Toughening up the Moles’ mission

Defining Midwest Mole's brand and values were easy thanks to their nearly four decades of history and unique culture. They know their work is extremely tough and is not for everyone, which is why their culture is so distinct. It was exciting to refine such an impressive history into a new, modern brand.


Family above all.

Our success doesn’t rest on one individual — it relies on the entire MWM family at home and in the field working together towards a common goal.

Everyone’s role is vital.

We know the only way to function as a field-first company is through the individual actions of our entire team.

Safety first, quality second, production third.

Safety is a way of life, not a box we check. Safety is a daily habit at MWM that will always come before production.

Treat everyone like they are capable of greatness.

Focus on the solution, not the problem.

Operate as an owner.

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Lots of moles

Thanks to Midwest Mole's business model and type of work, they operate in many states at once. To capture a full picture of what they do, we had to travel to job sites in four states within a week. While exhausting, we learned so much about trenchless construction as no two jobs are the same.

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Branding & Design

A leader in trenchless and people

The goal of their new website was twofold. One, we wanted to show everyone who Midwest Mole was. Their people are the heart and soul of their business, and we needed to show the world who they are. Second, we wanted to position Midwest Mole as a leading expert on the subject of trenchless construction. With few existing educational resources and Midwest Mole's expertise, we thought they could be the online expert.

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