Expanding MILBURN’s influence beyond Chicago

James Milburn approached us about making MILBURN into a national name in demolition. We said we weren’t sure since we’d never done it before, but we could figure it out.

Working with a demolition company is as fun as you’d think it would be. We’ve seen MILBURN wreck entire buildings in the suburbs and scrape floors of highrises in downtown Chicago. Their crews work around the clock and are some of the hardest working people we’ve been around. MILBURN’s commitment to taking care of its people is incredible to see firsthand, and they show through actions how vital safety is on every job.

We dug into MILBURN heavily from the beginning helping them to define their mission, values, and new brand. Then we developed a website around their team and the unique stories they all have. Today and into the future, the focus is to get the MILBURN name across the country to allow them to expand their presence well beyond Chicago. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this business, and we’re fortunate to have MILBURN as a partner.

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A "why" to help them expand across the U.S.

MILBURN knew the only way they could expand into the total demolition market and across the US would be to create a set of values and mission to empower their people.


Safety > Production

Extreme ownership from start to finish

Pursue continuous improvement.

Treat everyone like they are capable of greatness.

Focus on the solution, not the problem.

Operate as an owner.

James Milburn

Managing Principal, MILBURN Demolition

Since day one, we've put our people first. We provide them with the best tools and safety equipment available. We take care of our equipment and replace it when it's not performing. There's never a reason for our people to feel like their not being treated well, and that word spreads.

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Demolition doesn’t mean dirty

We've spent a lot of days and nights capturing MILBURN's work and people from high rises in downtown Chicago to total hospital demolition projects in the suburbs. While most think demolition is an unsafe and disastrous process, we're doing everything we can to show how untrue that is at MILBURN.

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Branding & Design

People + Total Demolition

While MILBURN did want to highlight their people, they're a union company that doesn't do much craft hiring on their own. The primary focus of their new website was to demonstrate their total demolition capabilities to help their major push into the new market across the US.

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