Building Tennessee better by putting their people first.

When RAWSO approached us in 2018, they were growing fast and knew better storytelling was vital in building their future. Dylan Stephens, President of RAWSO, has done things differently from the beginning and has no fear of investing in marketing and his people.

We call RAWSO our unofficial petri dish because they’re open for anything we’d like to try. We began with only a few pictures and a simple website, and have now grown into working through their HR practices and entire brand.

We’ve had a damn good time getting to know the RAWSO team, and it’s fun to grow with them. They’ve doubled in revenue since we started our partnership, and their team and culture are more capable than ever before.

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RAWSO knew strong culture and a mission go hand in hand.

Ever since Dylan read the book "uncontainable," he knew his team needed to define their higher purpose and company values. After months of discussions and going back and forth, we finally settled on a fantastic foundation for RAWSO's culture and growth into the future.


Honesty is the only way.

Nothing is a secret at RAWSO. We believe in forthright transparency internally and with our partners.

Responsibility for all outcomes.

We take responsibility for every outcome on our projects and at our company regardless of our involvement or immediate fault.

Do it right the first time.

The right way is the only way we do anything, no matter how small. This applies to safety, the quality of our work, and how we treat people.

Relentless in learning and growth.

Grand ambitions call for relentless growth. Relentless means we never let up on learning new things.

Everyone is equal.

A laborer or pipelayer is just as valuable to this organization as the company president.

Family before work.

We’re not here to build a successful company at the expense of our families. We enjoy the lives we’ve worked hard to build.

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Helping RAWSO grow by improving how they manage their team

Increase recruiting and hiring efficiency

The ATS application enables RAWSO’s electronic handling of all recruitment and hiring needs.

Better manage their people through HRIS

To increase efficiency and reduce the errors, we helped RAWSO implement an HR information system to more effectively manage their people.

Improved retention through recognition

In improve retention RAWSO started featuring an employee of the month recognizing employees on their website.

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Documenting their growth

As our first partner and one of the first businesses we've ever photographed, we've visited RAWSO’s sites many times now. It's been fulfilling to grow our work and capabilities alongside theirs as they’ve drasically grown the size of their fleet, team, and projects.

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Branding & Design

A website dedicated to their people.

RAWSO's first website focused on demonstrating their capabilities and proving they could build larger projects. After a year, they were well-known in TN and we revisited their entire site. Instead of notoriety, the new direction was all about their people. Today, RAWSO's website features stories from the their team as well as their vendors and subcontractors.

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