Laying the foundation for better lives.

Started in only 2017, Southern Site now has over 150 team members moving dirt and laying pipe in Nashville, Knoxville, and Huntsville. With such fast growth, they'd never taken the time to think through their brand, values, and marketing.

When companies call, they're typically after either workforce development or winning new work. Southern Site didn't have a problem with either — what they wanted to focus on was internal communication, team member appreciation, and transparency. Sign us up.

With such a people-first mindset, branding and telling Southern Site's story was a spectacular opportunity. Now that they can share news internally, collect team member feedback, and highlight their people, the future's exciting for this growing business and our partnership together.

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A humble mission focused on their people.

The Southern Site team has a fantastic sense of humility, service, pride, and honesty. We developed their new mission and values to reflect their already unique culture and way of doing business. Their ideas were endless, and it was exciting to put their company into words.


Be safe. People depend on you.

Whether it’s your loved ones, your community, or your team at Southern Site, people are depending on you to keep yourself and those around you safe.

Be the person people call on.

We believe in service to others—our families, our clients, and our team. We take every opportunity to learn and help so people seek us out.

Produce results you love.

We are proud of what we build. We know that the only way to accomplish something worth celebrating is celebrating every step of the process.

Celebrate others’ successes

When one person wins at Southern Site, we all win. By celebrating others’ success, we are creating a culture of positivity that inevitably leads to success for ourselves.

Be honest in everything.

We believe in transparency and honesty in everything we do—from cab to office. At Southern Site, honesty is always encouraged and never dismissed.

Lead through action.

We put more weight in actions than words. We embrace proactivity and take initiative whenever given the opportunity. Only through our own actions can we lead others effectively.

Ryan Clinard

President, Southern Site

We want to be open and transparent with everything we do. It boils down to we want our team to know how our business is doing and how they can impact our business. If something's not going well, we want to be upfront and honest with our team so they can help us improve on it. When things are going great, we want to share in that celebration with them. To do that, we have to be open with everything that's going on.

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An amazing team

Not only does Southern Site have a fantastic group of people, but they have an impressive fleet of earthmoving equipment and trucks to support their projects.

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Prioritizing internal communication

Thanks to Southern Site's humility, making their website all about themselves would've never worked. Instead, we designed their website with their new mission, people, and communication in mind. Right away, they have internal announcements on the homepage, so it's impossible to miss and shows outsiders how transparent they are.

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