Bryan Peters has spent his entire career around heavy equipment, so when he decided to start his company AdvanceTrac Equipment, he knew that even though he wanted to get into helping companies optimize their heavy iron fleets, he knew he’d want to do things differently. Though he admitted that he has “audacious goals” for where he wants to go, he’s also fully present in the current grind of building a business.

Bryan made a pit stop in Nashville on his way to Indiana to pick up a trailer (a good example of the nature of the equipment market) and was gracious enough to sit down with Dirt Talk hosts Aaron Witt and Alex Horton. The guys talked all kinds of iron, the Dirt World “scene” in Texas, and why the internet is more important than ever for EVERY industry.

To follow along with Bryan and AdvanceTrac, check them out on IG @advancetrac_equipment.

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