This is part 1 of a 2-parter! Aaron and Alex had the enormous pleasure to have Sal Frisella as a guest on Dirt Talk. Sal is the President of 1st Phorm, a health and fitness company based out of St. Louis, Missouri, but that’s not why he’s the guest this week (okay, maybe a little). He’s on the podcast this week because he’s got a well-documented love and appreciation for the trades and blue-collar work. He owns a few pieces of equipment and takes every opportunity to hop in his Bobcat and move some dirt or brush. He’s also a phenomenal speaker and unapologetically himself. The guys had a great time getting to know him and he and his team at 1st Phorm were so kind.

This week, Aaron, Alex, and Sal sat down in the 1st Phorm HQ and dug into all kinds of topics. The guys talk Sal’s upbringing learning tools and how to use all kinds of machinery, the importance of setting your own “balance” in your life, and why Sal is obsessed with his electric weed whacker.

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