We’ve finally tracked down the person who was around for the very very beginnings of BuildWitt (other than Aaron Witt)… introducing Mr. Kevin McCawley, who used to ride around the American Southwest and take photos with Aaron as they would shoot photos of any job site they could find. Now, Kevin is a med school student at the University of Michigan, but he was kind enough to sit down and help tell some behind-the-scenes stories of the birth of “BuildWitt” as we know it.

Co-host Alex Horton joins Aaron and Kevin to recount the winding road of how “BuildWitt” as a brand came to be. Whether you’ve been following the BuildWitt story for years now or this is your first introduction, this episode is chock full of never-before-shared stories of the early wins and failures. Aaron also tells the story of how Kevin got roasted on social media for posing for a photo in front of some heavy machinery with Sperry’s Boat Shoes.

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