Happy Monday, ladies and germs. So. After emphatically stating that they were officially done recording podcasts at Aaron’s house… this episode was recorded at Aaron’s. Aaron and co-host Alex talk a little bit about the trials and tribulations of all of the inspections needed to open up a new office space for your company before Aaron goes into talking about the BuildWitt Skid Steer and why it was a great idea for BuildWitt to get it.

Later, the guys discuss the challenge of getting insurance for a small business and Aaron brags a little about RAWSO’s (not-so-overnight) recent success.

This week, we are launching our podcast review contest! For the entire month of September, we’ll be doing a drawing of all submissions each week to win $100 to the BuildWitt store, but we will send a discount code out to each person that submits a review.

To submit for the drawing(s):

  1. Please leave a review for Dirt Talk on Apple Podcasts
  2. Screenshot your submitted review and email it to DirtTalk@BuildWitt.com

Look forward to hearing from our Dirt World (and Dirt World loving) folks. Thanks so much!

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Stay Dirty!

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