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Bobby Frisch


Frisch and Sons is an expert at making Southern California pools disappear. For the past year or two, I’ve watched their videos online as they’ve maneuvered their baby skid steers (Bobcat S70’s) across tiny backyards, in and out of pools, and even through people’s living rooms. Yep… just another day at the office for Frisch and Sons.

Since I’ve spent entire days of my life watching their pool demolition videos, I figured I’d give Bobby Frisch, who’s the second generation to lead the company, a call. We talk about why so many people want their pools gone, how many trips it takes to fill a pool with dirt, and how they’re training the next generation—everything you’ve ever wanted to know about pool demolition and more.

While no, I’m not targeting contractors that only rely on skid steers to perform their work, it’s certainly a plus that they have a fleet of twelve S70’s that are so small you can nearly put them in your pocket.

To learn more about Frisch & Sons, follow them on Instagram at @frischandsons or visit their website at

Here’s the video of a Bobcat going through a house:

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