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Bridger Snow


Two years ago, Bridger Snow was still in high school. Since then, he’s not only started his career in the Dirt World — he is the owner of Snow Excavation in Northern Utah. He’s learning a lot of lessons the hard way in real-time, but he’s far ahead of the rest of us when we were his age!

Bridger was kind enough to take a few moments out of his weekend to chat with Aaron, and even though Aaron is clearly threatened by Bridger being even younger than Aaron, they were able to spend a lot of time on the benefits and challenges of getting in the Dirt World early. They also discuss Bridger’s first machine, why he could trust his friends to work hard for him in the early days, and the challenges of getting a loan in your early 20s.

Check out his company at and @snowexcavation.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please email Alex at

Stay Dirty.

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