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Caterpillar Wrenching


In this episode, I interview Quinton Galbraith, the man behind @caterpillarwrenching on Instagram and a technician at Peterson Cat.

From the moment you meet this guy, it’s obvious that he loves wrenching on big iron, and he has absolutely no fear of getting his hands dirty.

Unlike many technicians, Quinton didn’t have any mechanical background before joining Peterson. While he was young, he worked odd jobs from moving to construction. He found the world of Caterpillar equipment through a relative and kept applying until he got a job at Peterson.

He started by sweeping floors, then helped in the tool room, and today he does anything from minor repairs to full rebuilds on all sorts of sweet equipment. Nothing is below him, and he’s hugely passionate about inspiring others to pursue a career as a technician.

He’s proof that you don’t need experience to be successful as a technician. He’s got there through hard work, an open mind, and a ridiculous hunger for learning.

Check him and other technicians out on Instagram @caterpillarwrenching or @heavywrenching and check out his new online store to buy stickers at!

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