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Craig Kahoun


Most everyone in the heavy equipment world has dealt with a Caterpillar dealer at one point or another, but most don’t understand how much goes on behind the scenes to support every machine. There’s an enormous effort that goes into selling, maintaining, renting, financing, and everything else machines require.

Craig Kahoun is the Executive Vice President of Carter Machinery, a world-class equipment dealer based out of Virginia with over 90 years of history. You’d think that many years of hitting home runs would create an air of arrogance, but it’s the complete opposite with Carter.

Despite their dominance (they have over 750 technicians and recently acquired Alban Caterpillar), they’re always on the lookout for better ways to serve their customers and their people. Instead of complaining about technology and the lack of trained people in the workforce, they’re transforming and investing in their business to do things differently and create the future workforce they know they need.

Craig and I dive into technician training, how much they do for their customers, and how they’re digitally transforming their entire business. It’s awesome to hear about and is so much more than selling tractors!

You can connect with Craig at and learn more about Carter at

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