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Don Collier


When Don needed to support his family at age 17, he went looking a well-paying job. Not exactly flush with options, he found a gig at a local demolition company thanks to an intro from his friend’s dad.

Starting as a laborer, he worked his ass off and grabbed ahold of more responsibility and leadership opportunities when they presented themselves. By his 20’s, he was managing demolition crews across town and learning a whole lot of lessons while he did it.

Fast forward a few years and he’s now part owner and Director of Field Operations of MILBURN Demolition out of Chicago. Started only a few years ago, they’ve already completed hundreds of wild demolition projects all over Chicagoland.

Don and I talk about how he rose through the ranks thanks to sheer work, why the demolition industry needs to change, and how he’s raised his kids while working long hours.

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