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From TN to AZ


Aaron is in Arizona. Alex is in Tennessee. But through the miracles of modern technology, they were able to have and record a face-to-face conversation. To say that they’re excited to be the first people to ever have a video conversation would be a stretch because these two would never exaggerate or use sarcasm in any form.

With Aaron taking the entire week “off work” (technically, though no one can keep him from the Dirt for long), Alex held down the fort in the BuildWitt home-base of Nashville as Aaron traveled the Southwest visiting family and Big Iron.

The guys had some especially thought-provoking listener-submitted questions this week, with one answer ending with Aaron admitting he didn’t really answer the question, so you know the info was good. Aaron and Alex touched on dealing with the haters, engaging young people who have an interest in entering the Dirt World, and what exactly is the point of LinkedIn.

Thank you SO much to our listeners who have submitted questions and have been generous and supportive enough to continue sharing the podcast. We have a great time working on the podcast and hearing from so many perspectives in the industry that we love. It continues to be a privilege to build an engaged community of so many different types of folks who want to make the Dirt World a better place.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at We’ve loved the questions so far, and we’re finding that each question submitted is also a learning experience, so thank you very much. Keep it coming!

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