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Garrett Moss


Garrett Moss is the President of Moss Utilities, a utility contractor in the DFW area that he began three years ago in his early 30’s. Even though he’s the fifth generation, he’s built his own business from the ground up after his father’s business closed during the recession in 2008.

The growth of Moss Utilities has been wild over the past few years as they went from nothing to hundreds of employees seemingly overnight. While Moss’s “success” looks fantastic from the outside, it’s come with struggles that Garrett and the business have had overcome.

Garrett and I talk about what cash flow struggles he’s faced, why it pays to treat his people exceptionally well, why customer service matters in the utility world, and how he’s kept his mind straight during tough times.

You can follow along with Moss at @mossutilities on Instagram and connect with Garrett on LinkedIn at

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