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Heath Hanna


In this episode, I dig into (no pun intended) how Heath Hanna went from Caterpillar dealer instructor to mining company owner in only a few years.

Since he bought a heavy equipment magazine as a kid, Heath fell in love with big iron moving big dirt. Starting in the industry at age 14, he knew that the Dirt World was for him.

After college, he found an opening at the Yancy Bros Caterpillar dealer and eventually became a certified dealer instructor (CDI). He taught Cat machine operators all over Georgia how to get the most out of iron in only his 20’s.

You’d think that running all the latest and greatest Caterpillar equipment would’ve satisfied his heavy equipment itch, but he still wanted more. Fearing the regret of not making the leap, Heath quit to start his own company.

Starting with pouring a sidewalk at someone’s house, he worked his way up to moving millions of yards of dirt for the largest mining companies in the US while his wife supported the family for years. It was an uphill battle the whole way, which even included sleeping in bulldozers at times.

It’s a remarkable story, and this guy is full of advice and lessons learned about running a business, operating equipment, and life in general.

Check out Contour at or @contourminingconstruction on Instagram to learn more about Heath and his business.

As for the Liebherr 9800 video he mentioned, see the link below to check it out.

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