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Herb Sargent Part 2


The world’s in a crazy place, and business owners are scrambling to ensure the future of their companies. With so much uncertainty, I thought I’d interview someone who’s lead a successful business through many troubled times. While I don’t know what to do, Herb Sargent, President of Sargent Corp, might have a better idea.

First, we briefly touch on his response to the crisis and what new policies Sargent Corp has enacted over the past few weeks to keep their people safe while continuing to work.

Next, rather than COVID itself, we focused a majority of our conversation on preparing a business for a downturn. There’s no doubt that there are troubling economic times here and on the horizon, and I wanted to dig into what Herb’s doing to prepare.

There’s tons of incredible information in this interview for both business owners and anyone in society. It’s an excellent glimpse behind the scenes of what leaders are facing, and I left the conversation feeling inspired. Hopefully, you do too!

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