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Isaac Barlow


Initially beginning his career as a site development contractor, Isaac Barlow started to see issues with how his business and other construction businesses tracked time and costs associated with each project. With little to no data, no one could accurately manage and estimate work.

Once he realized he could potentially create a solution for his company, but many other construction companies, he set out to research why construction companies fail. The number one reason? Not lack of skillset. It was entirely due to a lack of information.

What followed is what’s now been over a decade long mission to develop a software to help contractors go into battle daily armed with the information to operate their businesses effectively.

Busybusy’s story is such a cool one, and Isaac explains the whole process of how they developed the software, what the early problems with it were, and how they’ve rolled it out to thousands of contractors around the world on this podcast.

If you’re a contractor looking for a better way to track time or to learn more about busybusy, check out!

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