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Jake Schmidtlein


This week’s Dirt Talk is with one of BuildWitt’s own: our Chief People Officer Jake Schmidtlein. Though his title might sound fancy, his blue-collar and dirt world bona fides are legit. He grew up working in the family business, racing go-karts and stacking thousands of bricks for money to buy fireworks.

Jake’s journey from brick-stacker to CPO at BuildWitt is anything but linear. He’s worked in finance, ran a race track, and headed up business development for a John Deere dealership (Murphy Tractor). He’s always had a passion for training and people development, and after being hired as VP of Business Development, he was asked to transition to Chief People Officer during his second week at BuildWitt, and boy are we excited for that.

Thanks to Jake for taking the time and sharing his winding road that led him to BuildWitt.

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And remember… Stay Dirty.

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