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James Milburn


MILBURN Demolition began in early 2014 as a one-person show — a guy who thought demolition didn’t have to be unsafe, dirty, or old-school.

James Milburn stumbled into demolition while going to school at Purdue for Construction Management. After attending demolition conferences, he fell in love with the world of demolishing stuff and decided it was the career path for him. He quickly went to work for a few demolition companies after school and began to learn how the industry operated.

What he learned was that the world of demolition is an aging dinosaur. It’s not always safe, there is no sense of service to customers or employees, and there is no urgency to try new ways of doing business. James had a choice — either stay at existing companies with limited upward mobility and potential or pave his path by starting a modern demolition company. Despite the financial risk and his young family, he chose the latter largely thanks to his wife Jess’s confidence and support in the vision.

Thanks to his retirement savings and a loan from his parents to make payroll, he began the business in 2014. He was a breath of fresh air for massive development companies looking for a better demolition solution, and MILBURN quickly began to win much more work than James could handle. The rest is history…

Check out MILBURN Demolition at and follow James on LinkedIn at

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