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Jason Miller


Jason Miller is the President of Midwest Mole, an Indiana-based tunneling contractor.

Jason started with Midwest Mole in his teens since his dad was a foreman there at the time. After giving college a shot for a semester, he decided it wasn’t for him, so he dove headfirst into tunneling as a career.

Starting as a laborer, he worked his way through the ranks to the top as an owner while maintaining an extreme sense of humility. He hasn’t forgotten where he started, and he leads the company with that field-first mentality to this day.

We talk about the intricacies of tunneling, what his thoughts are on the next generation, and why their line of work is only for a specific type of person. Digging a cramped tunnel by hand deep underground isn’t for everyone, which is why the Moles at Midwest Mole are so proud of what they do.

Learn more about Midwest Mole at and follow Jason on LinkedIn at

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