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Kimo Clark


I texted Kimo asking when he was available for a podcast, and there we were talking 30 minutes later after he finished his run.

Kimo is the owner of Maui based Truth Excavation, a company performing excavation and utilities work around the Hawaiian island. He’s as honest as it gets regarding his business, life, and lessons learned in this impromptu podcast interview.

Unlike a lot of other business owners in the dirt world, Kimo didn’t grow up in love with heavy equipment. By chance, he got his start as a laborer at the age of 18, and he did whatever he had to do on the ground to make ends meet. Seeing the guys in the machines in air conditioning gave him the idea of becoming an operator.

Thanks to busting his ass and asking as many questions as he could, he learned how to operate, read plans, and manage projects. All of a sudden, when the company he worked for went under and the market crashed, he figured he could start his own company. So he did. How hard could it be?

After nine years of business, he’s selling the company to move onto other projects and to enjoy life in general. It’s been a wild ride, and we get into a lot of the lessons he’s learned along the way.

If you’re looking to learn more about Kimo, the best place to find him is on Instagram at @tru.xlife

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