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Chris Guins (better known as letsdig18) lives for earthwork as an owner/operator for his family’s excavating business and himself. At any point in time (weekends included), odds are you’ll find him mucking out a pond in North Carolina with a Volvo excavator while wearing cargo shorts.

I titled the episode “dirt celebrity” as somewhat of a joke, but thanks to Chris’s few hundred thousand YouTube subscribers and millions of weekly video views, a lot of people know who he is.

Started somewhat on accident, he began recording his days and posting it to YouTube. Amazingly, it took off, and he’s posted videos almost daily every since.

We get into how Chris started in the excavating business, what he does day to day, what his thoughts are on YouTube, and discuss his kickass new bucket custom-built for him by AMI.

To learn more about Chris, grab some popcorn and search “letsdig18” on YouTube.

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