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Marty Leum


Marty Leum grew up traveling the country to race dirt bikes. Since he was around tracks so much, he began helping out where he could, whether it was hanging banners, or eventually, running equipment to clean up and build tracks.

He had a knack for building tracks by shaping the earth with heavy equipment, and Marty traveled from event to event. After many nights away from home, he needed a more stable job closer to his family back home, so he went to work on the railroad. Said to be the best job in his town, he couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to get back to the dirt. With an old skid steer, he quit his stable job and officially started in the excavation world.

Anyone who’s followed Marty has seen his attention to detail and badass looking hot rod red Caterpillar equipment. He’s done some fantastic work so far, and he’s just getting started.

Check out Dirt Monkey Excavating on Instagram at @dirtmonkeyexcavating!

Asset 4

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