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Missy Scherber Part 1


Five years ago, Missy Scherber dropped what she thought was her dream job in the nonprofit world to become co-owner of her husband’s dumpster company so they could also focus on starting an excavation company. How bananas is that?

Missy is a passionate person who, when she sees a gap, she immediately fills it. When I say she dove into the dirt life, I mean it. She’s spent the last few years building a massive community on Instagram where not only does she show the daily work of the T. Scherber equipment operators, but also the behind the scenes of running the business. She’s even added a newborn to the mix and was back to work only four days later.

My goal with this episode was to shed light on Missy’s daily work and get the scoop on what it’s like being a woman in construction.

Missy is arguably one of the best sources of inspiration for workforce development and women in construction with her social posts and overall philosophies. We discuss the struggles of running a business, how construction needs to change to inspire more women to join the industry, and why this industry is such a great place to work in the first place.

To find much more about Missy, follow her @missyscherber on Instagram or her website

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