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Missy Scherber Part 2


This episode follows my first interview with Missy Scherber, where we discussed what she does daily and what it’s like to be a woman in construction. While I thought the conversation went great at first, she was frustrated about having to defend herself for being a business owner. Initially, we thought it was best to delete it and start over.

I set aside my excitement for releasing the episode, and we dove into why she was bothered by the original interview. After talking through the unintentional biases and other frustrations, we decided to leave the episode as is and record a follow-up episode talking it all through in an incredibly authentic manner.

I’m even more excited about this interview than I was the first, and I think it’s a conversation that everyone in construction needs to hear. We talk about what being a woman in construction is like, the judgment and biases that exist, and what men and women can do to create a better environment for everyone.

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