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Pat Allen


Since we’ve received plenty of feedback about interviewing more people who “do the work,” I finally heeded your advice and sent Pat a DM on Instagram asking if he’d lend me an hour or two of his Sunday morning. He said sure.

Pat’s a long-time operator and has spent his entire adult life running heavy equipment. He started out working as a laborer for his family contracting business and quickly made his way to all sorts of heavy equipment-related companies across the Northeast and Canada.

Today, Pat works at New Era Excavation, the same company referenced in DT039 when we talked to Tom Gardocki, AKA The Dirt Ninja. Pat works alongside Tom and his partner Craig as the third member of the New Era team.

While Pat’s typically running equipment on the job, he has a fantastic amount of autonomy to run the projects as he pleases according to the vision laid out by the business partners.

To follow Pat’s adventures online, check him out on Instagram at @patallen30.

Asset 4

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