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Colby Williams


Colby Williams describes his skills as “pushing buttons”. But if you’ve come across his work as Fueled Photography, then you know he’s no hack. For years, Colby has been shooting cars, trucks, bulldozers, cement trucks, cranes – if it looks cool, chances are good that Colby has photographed it. And we at Dirt Talk were lucky enough to have him come on the pod and talk about his story.

Colby and host Aaron Witt have plenty in common – they both spend a lot of time shooting big equipment all over America. But Colby’s path to where he is today wasn’t easy or straightforward. Colby and Aaron talk about Colby’s start with photography, why he had to take a break (and why he had to come back), and his love for big trucks.

Check out Colby’s IG at @the.fueled and visit the Fueled website at

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Asset 4

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