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Randy Blount


Randy Blount (of Blount Contracting) recently sold the family business to WW Clyde after running the company for almost 15 years. He took over the company in his early 20s after his father passed away. The traditional way this could have played out is that he would have continued to run the company in AZ and surrounding areas and then passed the business on to his children or other family, but he instead chose a different path and sold the company after having significantly grown the business. All that’s to say, his story is uncommon, and that makes sense – Randy is not a common man. As he says in this episode, “one thing that I know about myself is that I can work hard.”

Aaron and Randy talk about why Randy decided to sell the company, how he has stayed on with WW Clyde as the Arizona Division Vice President, and why he made the bold (and VERY cool) choice to paint all of Blount’s machines gray. Randy has also started working with BuildWitt as an advisor, and after hearing his story and perspective, you’ll know why the BuildWitt team is very excited to work with him.

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