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Rebecca McGrew


American mining is hugely misunderstood and, as a result, demonized by many. The irony is most people who denounce mining couldn’t live their lives without it. Electricity, roads, cell phones, and just about any other aspect of the physical world is thanks to the hardworking men and women working day and night to make it all happen.

Frankly, even I misunderstood mining until I recently began to experience it on a deeper level through our work with North America Coal, Mitigation Resources of North America (MRNA), and North American Mining. It turns out that extracting the resources we need to live and being environmentally conscious can go hand in hand.

When visiting one of MRNA’s operations in Mississippi back in November, I met Rebecca McGrew, whose formal title is Manager, Environmental and Regulatory Affairs at North American Coal. She was extraordinarily knowledgeable about mining and mitigating the environmental impacts of extracting resources from the earth. Since I learned so much from our conversation, I thought I’d have her on the podcast to have a real discussion about the realities of mining.

To allow the conversation to be as free as possible, we have to say everything Rebecca expresses is solely her opinion!

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