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Taylor White


*If you don’t like swearing, then this ain’t the episode for you!*

In this week’s episode, I sit down with Taylor White, who runs the day to day at Ken White Construction in Ottowa, Canada.

I first saw Taylor’s videos and photos on Instagram and Youtube. I was immediately curious since he does a damn good job bringing people along on the day to day of a growing family business.

Even though he didn’t start the business, he’s hell-bent on transforming his father’s business before him built into a large construction company doing anything from trucking to site development to materials.

I love talking to him because he is who he is. While only 25, he has a damn good grip on who he is and how to tell his story.

We cover all sorts of topics, from transitioning the business to fitness and mental health.

Follow Taylor and Ken White Construction at @kwc2000 on Instagram or by searching “Ken White Construction” on YouTube!

Asset 4

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