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Tom Squeri


Tom Squeri is the CEO of Graniterock, a 120-year old materials and construction business based out of Watsonville, California. Even with nearly 1,000 people among their ranks, they’re still a humble, family-owned business with a caring and local feel.

In 2012, when Graniterock’s then CEO Bruce Woolpert tragically passed away, Tom abruptly found himself in Graniterock’s lead role from his position of general counsel. While Graniterock’s board acknowledged that they had their business units led by talented individuals, they needed someone to continue molding and leading Graniterock’s culture.

To me, the most shocking aspect of Graniterock is their incredible sense of humility despite over a century of success shaping the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. It’s always a good day whenever I’m with Graniterock thanks to their culture, people, and of course, their D11’s.

Tom and I talk all about training, recruiting, building culture, maintaining humility, and hopefully, everyone who listens can learn as much as I did.

Learn more about Graniterock on LinkedIn or @graniterock22 on Instagram!

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