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How We Help Our Partners

Why do businesses reach out to us for help?
They want to...


Improve their image

“Our website no longer reflects who we are.”


Create awareness

“Private owners don’t know our capabilities.”


Grow revenue/profit

“We want to win new contracts / expand our services or region.”


Hire better/more people

“We have plenty of work, just not enough great people.”


Build better culture

"Our people will leave for a $0.25 raise.”


Improve internal communication

“It’s tough to keep everyone in the field informed.”

You’re great at what you do. We’re here to help with all the other stuff:


  • Brand Strategy

  • Identity Design

  • Brand Culture

Web / UX

  • Web Design

  • Website Development

  • SEO / SEM


  • Photography

  • Video

  • Copywriting

  • Social Media


  • HR & Recruiting

  • Headhunting

  • Training Development

Business Growth

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Paid Advertising

  • Business Development

Why Our Partners Choose BuildWitt

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They want help from someone who understands their business.

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They’ve followed us on social media for years.

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They’ve seen our work through other companies.

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They love our depth of storytelling with photos, videos, and websites.

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They want to join the BuildWitt Partnership to learn from peers.

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They’re passionate about our team and mission to “make the dirt world a better place.”

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Our Approach


Establish your business goals.


Develop a marketing and people strategy.


Define your mission, values, and brand.


Visit your sites to meet your people and tell your story.


Develop a beautiful new website to showcase your unique company.


Improve HR systems, recruiting and culture.


Grow your business with more awareness, revenue, and people.


Establish new business goals.

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Meet our Partners who are Making the Dirt World a Better Place.

MILBURN Demolition

Expanding MILBURN’s influence beyond Chicago.

RAWSO Constructors

Building Tennessee better by putting their people first.

Midwest Mole

Growing into the nation’s leader in trenchless construction.

Southern Site

Laying the foundation for better lives.

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BuildWitt Partnership

Our peer group of executives from construction, mining, demolition, and heavy equipment businesses across the US. Arguably the most forward-thinking group of leaders in the industry. We meet as a group multiple times a year and share information nonstop between businesses regarding finances, safety, recruiting, equipment, business growth, etc.


Ready to Make the Dirt World a Better Place?