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Talking Excavators with Caterpillar's Ryan Neal — DT029


Written by: alexhorton

When it comes to excavators, Ryan Neal knows just about everything there is. As Regional Product Application Specialist for large excavators at Caterpillar, Ryan spends his days testing new excavators, talking to customers, and training operators worldwide.

After working as an operator in the construction industry for about a decade, Ryan had the chance to become a demonstrator instructor at Caterpillar’s Edwards facility in Peoria, Illinois. During his time there, he became familiar with every machine in Cat’s product line and flew to countries from Sweden to India to help operators get the most out of their machines.

These days, his entire focus is on large excavators and how to make them the best.

We talk about Ryan’s early days, his travel experiences, how a new excavator goes from drawings to reality, and we touch on the 395, obviously.

To learn more about Ryan, give him a follow on Instagram at @rneal1997 or watch him drive a mini excavator through a china shop here

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