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Rachel Horwitz

Project Manager

Rachel Horwitz

Project Manager

Why are you passionate about dirt/BuildWitt?

People in the dirt world are hard-working people. Their services are essential and make up the backbone of our country; however, it’s also an industry that is often neglected by society. It’s an honor and a privilege to tell their stories, give them the attention they deserve and, in doing so, make the dirt world a better place. 

The construction industry in particular helped my father and grandfather provide for their families. It was through essential jobs like these that my father was able to raise his family on a lawful income with great dignity. I always wished an agency like Buildwitt existed to help my father grow his business. With the kind of support and passion that Buildwitt offers through its services, the possibilities are endless. 

Favorite past times/hobbies?

  • Diabetic recipe development 
  • Traveling
  • Painting 

Favorite book and/or quote?

“Just do the best you can-that’s all I know to tell you.” -William Stephen Hill, Jr. (My grandfather)

He was deaf in one ear and lost almost all hearing in the other one…most of the time, when you would speak to him, he didn’t actually understand what you were saying…but this advice was pretty much always on point.  It still is. 

What food could you eat forever?

Turkish food…specifically lahmacun. 

Who do you look up to?

My dad. He’s an amazing human being!

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