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Shawna Armstrong

Talent Acquisition

Shawna Armstrong

Talent Acquisition

Why are you passionate about dirt/BuildWitt?

Having a husband in the trades, seeing how hard he worked, how smart he was, and how little he was respected by his white-collar counterparts, has given me an affinity for the blue-collar world, and a strong desire to champion them the way BuildWitt does.

What motivates you more than anything else? What’s your personal “why”?

It’s more than one thing. I’m driven to help people, make real connections, solve problems, figure things out, make things better, tackle big challenges, and give my personal best. I’m motivated by working with a humble, talented, and supportive team, and being proud of what I’ve done when I look back.

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Our Team

Meet more of our dirt-loving team.

Aaron Witt

President, Chief Dirt Nerd

Alex Horton

Podcast Producer

Angel Torres


Chase Harris

Art Director

Dan Briscoe

Vice President

Eli Wheaton

eCommerce Manager

Eric Jumper

Content Producer

Jack Briscoe

SEO/Paid Media

James Jamra

Video Editor

Jessica Saylor

Administrative Assistant

Kara MacDonald

Director of Business Systems

Kate Gangel

Project Manager

Kjell Gerber

Content Manager

Laurie SantaLucia

Director of Partner Marketing

Lewis Steele

Social Media

Marilee Brewer


Matt Biddle

Director of Talent Acquisition

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Matt Burt

Sr. UX/UI Designer

Shay Hammond

Director of Web Development