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What the Heck is BuildWitt?


Written by: Aaron Witt

While millions of people see our photos, videos, and stories on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Youtube weekly (I still genuinely forget that anyone sees our stuff), most everyone has no idea what we do.

This lack of understanding is for a good reason — we do a terrible job explaining to people outside of our organization how our business operates. And no, it’s not due to our fear of transparency. We haven’t needed to since it’s not how we’ve driven sales so far.

That said, we must begin to educate people about BuildWitt, or else it’s unfair of me to be annoyed every time a big company thinks that BuildWitt is still a kid with a camera running around job site to job site for fun. That and the more people who understand and buy into our mission of MAKING THE DIRT WORLD A BETTER PLACE, the better off we all are.

While BuildWitt is still a kid with a camera running around the US, BuildWitt is also (somehow) a legitimate business with twenty-five full and part-time people. Our team helps incredible construction, mining, and demolition businesses across the US tell their stories, attract new people, modernize their cultures, define their futures, grow revenue, and ultimately, make the Dirt World a better place.

To start doing a better job at explaining who we are, Dan Briscoe, BuildWitt’s VP, and I sat down on an episode of Dirt Talk and broke down how we think about our partnerships, why our mission matters, how we sell our services, and what we believe in as a business.

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