Written by: Aaron Witt

As the BuildWitt story goes, I’ve loved heavy equipment since childhood. While I’m a happy camper every time I’m around machines, dirt, and diesel, I’m also frustrated.

I’m frustrated because I badly want to freely run the machines I photograph, but I can’t. They’re not mine.

I realized years ago that the only way I could run a machine anytime I wanted to was to buy one. So I did.

Sure, we have business reasons for it. Buying a skid steer helps our balance sheet, credibility, brand, and people understand the industry better.

That said, reason number one is that I wanted a damn machine to run whenever I please. Is that too much to ask?

I visited Cat’s skid steer factory in Sanford, NC, in October of 2018. When I found out customers can sign their new machines on the line, I told them I’d be doing the same on my next visit.

Fast forward a few years, and there I was, signing my machine on my next visit. Imagine that.

Fortunately for our fans, Matt Briscoe was there to document the entire trip. If you’re curious what it was like flying private (thanks Thompson Cat), signing the machine, or running equipment at the Clayton demonstration facility, tune in to find out!


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